About Hawthorne Estimating

Hawthorne provides damage estimates that identify all the parts and procedures necessary to restore your damaged vehicle to its pre-loss condition. We identify the manufacturers and industry repair specifications that are typically not identified in a standard estimate. By doing so, we increase your damage recovery and reduce your loss at the time of sale.

Detailed Examples

On a typical rear end accident, a trunk pan may be damaged but repairable. Since this is not a finish panel, they are often repaired, but the prior damage is always visible. Even though the panel can be repaired, you are entitled to its replacement.

On a side body hit, a door skin replacement may seem to be a reasonable repair and all manufacturers sell door skins as a replacement part. However, when you skin a door the warranty for that door is voided. The concept is that if the damage is sufficient enough to require replacement the intrusion beams, the structural integrity of the door shell is compromised thus endangering passenger compartment safety. Regardless of how you repair that vehicle, you are entitled to the cost of a new door shell not just the door skin.

In a front end collision where the condenser is damaged and lost compression, the proper procedure is to replace the dryer to remove the moisture from the system or eventually it will corrode the system. More often than not the dryer is not replaced because the corrosion is a future problem. Regardless of how you repair the vehicle, you are entitled to be compensated for the labor and cost of the dryer.

How does Hawthorne get its results?

Hawthorne uses specifically credentialed local appraisers who are I-CAR trained and certified. They are supported by a centralized department that reviews each estimate to insure it reflects all the parts, procedures and labor standards to restore the vehicle to its pre-loss condition in accordance with I-CAR Uniform Procedures for Collision Repair (UPCR) and the manufacturers’ design and repair guidelines which are specific to each vehicle. All repair estimates reflect your local labor rates and parts discounts.



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