Why Use Hawthorne?

You Get What You Pay For

All appraisals are not alike. As you can well imagine, all insurance carriers have cost saving and procedure eliminating criteria for writing estimates. Since the vast majority of vehicle estimates are written for the insurance industry, most appraisers, and even body shops are programmed to write appraisals based upon insurance guidelines and, as you can well imagine, their guidelines are never in your favor.

You are most likely hiring appraisers and paying between $45 and $60 an appraisal. How hard is an appraiser going to dig into a vehicle for $45? The norm is to write only what you see and wait to be called for a supplement. If you are not repairing the vehicle, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table because the supplement will never happen. The result of all of this is you are getting a sub standard estimate that is then driving the rest of your decision making and damage recovery process.

Hawthorne will never be your cost competitive estimating company. However, we will be the estimating company that provides a complete and accurate estimate to maximize your recovery without any legal risk. Our pricing structure is a flat fee and is location and volume dependent.

Hawthorne’s program is Legally Compliant

NAAG Guidelines and the states with consumer protection statutes governing damage recovery basically protect the consumer in the same way. A rental agency must pass along all discounts and in the rental car industry that is labor rate and parts discounts.

Hawthorne’s estimates fully reflect all required discounts and all of the legitimate vehicle repair and part replacement procedures your are legally entitled to that is needed to return the vehicle to it’s pre-loss condition. This is true regardless of whether you fix some, all or none of the damages.

How does the estimate help my bottom line?

The two single largest areas of loss for a rental car company are:

• the improper repair of a vehicle that results in a loss at the time of sale

• when you choose to not repair a vehicle that is not, in the eyes of the insurance industry, a total loss.

Both of these losses can be mitigated by securing the right estimate.

When you dispose of damaged vehicles that are not considered total losses, your only two sources of recovery are from the sale of the damaged vehicle and the amount of the estimate. As you know, the salvage proceeds and estimate never add up to the vehicle’s payoff. This represents the single biggest bleeding artery in your financials.

What Kind Of Performance Can You Expect From Hawthorne?

The above chart was compiled from an evaluation of 2008 files handled by Hawthorne

** Files from this dollar category and higher generally support the difference between a total loss recovery and a non-total loss recovery.

How Can Hawthorne Affect Your P&L?

Inadequate estimating procedures can eat away at your bottom line.

The chart below demonstrates how much volume and man hours is spent on breaking even.

How many profit-free rental days do you need to make up for unrecovered damages?

*Chart based upon $35 daily dollar average, 85% utilization and a 5% bottom line.

Can You Afford Not To Use Hawthorne?




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